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Fintech’s next decade will look radically different

Originally @ Techcrunch The birth and growth of financial technology developed mostly over the last ten years. So as we look ahead, what does the next decade have in store? I believe we’re starting to see early signs: in the next ten years, fintech will become portable and ubiquitous as it moves to the background and centralizes into one place where our money is managed for us. When I started working in fintech in 2012, I had trouble tracking competitive search terms because no one knew what our sector was called. The best-known companies in the space were Paypal and Mint. Fintech has since become a household name, a shift that came with with prodigious growth in investment: from  $2 billion  in 2010 to over  $50 billion  in venture capital in 2018 (and  on-pace  for $30 billion+ this year). Predictions were made along the way with mixed results — banks will go out of business, banks will catch back up. Big tech will get into consumer finance. Narrow service providers