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The next revolution will be reclaiming your digital identity

Originally @ TechCrunch An identity is a difficult thing to lose. I found this out the hard way when my passport was stolen while backpacking through Asia and Africa earlier this year. The bureaucratic process to get a new passport gave me a glimpse at how broken our system of identity management is today. Fortunately, technology is on the cusp of a major paradigm shift in the field of identity. Blockchain will create a major revolutionary transformation in this area — but many questions of  how  still remain unanswered. Companies, governments and NGOs are beginning to tackle this question in ways that hint at the profound impact this will have on how we live our lives. Their promise is that our identities will be consolidated so that we have complete control over who accesses that information. This will protect us from increasingly sophisticated fraud and theft. It also will create unprecedented access for the “bottom of the pyramid” who are still off the grid. Imagine cross